February 8, 2010

This is especially for Pastor Marty at Father’s House, Cedar Rapids Vineyard Church. If you are able to read this, thank you for your instruction. God has given you gifts in several areas, including technology. I have pondered over the first stumbling block discussed in yesterday’s message and I realized that was one thing from which I was escaping.  I felt as though I had to be less of me and give up those things which God has provided on an earthy level. I know that my soul is already with God in that He is in whom I trust and Who is my trust. But if we become total isolates and dwell only in churchese, then we reduce our chances of encouraging those in the secular world to know Him. What my hope is, that people will see love, kindness and compassion in me that is not mine but my Father’s.  God has allowed many trials in my life—loss of our only child, a son 18 years ago, death of many family members, leukemia, other illnesses and my wife having breast cancer. Despite all these things, I believe He has made a stronger person who has become better, not bitter.  Don’t get me wrong, I still sin way too much and spend a lot of time seeking forgiveness from others and God and attempting, sometimes successful, sometimes not, to turn away from the sin.  I truly believe that all of us have a purpose in life for are we not made in His likeness? We must wait(abide in) on the Lord and He will make our paths straight. He will give us opportunities in a myriad of venues to witness to others through His love. I like what Francis of Asissi said, “let me be a witness of God everyday and when necessary use words. God’s love and blessings to all of you.